Brodie served as an Explosives Detection K9 with the Federal Reserve Police Department in Washington DC for 8 years. The favorite part of his workday was always riding into work and/or getting rewarded with his tennis ball. He retired just days prior is 10th birthday.

Not long after Brodie retired he severely injured his leg. He was rushed to the Emergency Vet where his family received the news all pet parents dread. Brodie had cancer. He was diagnosewith Osteosarcoma, the doctors recommended amputating his leg to save his life. His surgery went well and he’s now undergoing chemotherapy. 

Paws of Honor is honored to assist with Brodie’s medical care. We’re hopeful that Brodie can overcome this disease to enjoy a long and well-deserved retirement with his dad and family.  

His dad says that “Brodie may have lost his leg but he hasn’t lost his spirit!”

To make a donation in support of Brodie’s medical care click the link below. You can make a one-time donation or schedule a recurring gift. You can also direct your gift to a specific K9