Paws Of Honor

Casey received his Explosive Detection K9 Certification from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF-E) in September of 2010. He has done protection details for nine of the Supreme Court Justices to also include the late SCJ Scalia and Former SCJ Sandra Day O’Connor. He has flown on 109 flights and traveled to 23 states to perform missions for the United States Marshal’s Service from high threat trials, to Judicial conferences. He has performed 82 investigative searches and was called to perform secondary searches for the Southwest Plaza bomb in Lakewood, CO, the Arapahoe County High School Shooting in Littleton, CO and the Planned Parenthood Shooting in Colorado Springs, CO. He has 14 investigative finds of shell casings, guns and explosive making materials. He has performed 117 demonstrations and over 1000 protective searches. He performed searches for four winter X games, several NBA games as well as two March madness tournaments, three opening days for the Colorado Rockies and over 20 concert venues. In retirement he plans to destroy every tennis ball he can get his paws on, play at the park as much as possible, continue to give anybody who wants a ‘Casey Kiss’ a kiss, and of course eat from a bowl.

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