Paws Of Honor

This is Cubu! I was assigned with Cubu in 2017 at Vance AFB until I separated from the Air Force in 2019. He is almost 8 years old! Cubu had surgery done in 2019 on his spine in his hind legs and was retired due to some bulging discs and lameness in his hind legs while walking. I adopted him on 12/28/2020 and he has done amazing with my family and I. His favorite treats is peanut butter (when it is frozen as treats) and he loves to play with tug toys, balls, and Kongs. He loves to play with our son around the house with his toys. His downtime he loves to just relax on his bed or with me or our son on the couch. He has not traveled anywhere, but worked from 2013-2019.

To make a donation in support of the Veterinary Care Program that supports Cubu’s medical expenses click the link below. You can make a one-time donation, schedule a recurring gift and even direct your gift to a specific dog:





*based on funding availability.