K9 Jäger was born in 2012 in Slovakia and brought to the United States to be a working K9. After his initial training, he began working as a Police Service Dog with the Albuquerque Police Department (Albuquerque, NM) in 2015.

Jäger was a certified single purpose patrol dog attached to the SWAT team. Throughout his career Jäger successfully located dozens of suspects that had fled from police and apprehended several suspects that posed a significant danger to the public and law enforcement. Jäger and his handler also assisted other law enforcement tactical teams within the State of New Mexico. K9 Jäger and his handler have trained with military and law enforcement K9 units from across the country.

Now that he is retired, his favorite activities include hiking with his handler, riding in his dad’s Jeep, and lounging in the backyard grass with his Kong.
Jäger has begun to suffer from dental related issues related to his service. He will be undergoing dental surgery to evaluate the condition of several teeth and may have to an extraction. Paws of Honor is happy to cover the cost of Jäger’s surgery, his future veterinary and medical needs* including annual wellness exams, vaccinations, and emergency care if needed.

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*based on funding availability. Jäger