Paws Of Honor

Jaxon is a chocolate lab who was bred and trained at VW K9 in Anniston Alabama. He is a highly specialized vapor wake K9 trained to detect and trail the explosive odor in the plumes of a person. He has worked at Washington’s Union Station and Baltimore’s Penn Station for the Amtrak Police Department.

Now that he’s retired, Jaxon has been adopted by his dad/former handler. His dad reports that he enjoys Milk Bone Dog Treats and playing fetch to keep up his fitness now that he’s retired. Paws of Honor is grateful to be able to help ensure Jaxon gets the best possible veterinary medical care.


To make a donation in support of the Veterinary Care Program at supports Jaxon’s medical expenses click the link below. You can make a one-time donation, schedule a recurring gift and even direct your gift to a specific dog:





*based on funding availability.