Paws Of Honor

Kenya is a retired explosives detection canine from the Vapor Wake breeding program at Auburn University. She served for 3.5 years with the Amtrak Police Department before being medically retired in June 2020 due to health complications from anemia. Kenya and her partner worked primarily in the Washington, DC area, protecting Amtrak’s vast transportation network and facilities.
However, she completed special assignments in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Chicago, and even as far as Iowa. Kenya was also a frequent visitor to elementary school classrooms throughout Northern VA, showing off her canine skills to kids of all ages.

In her downtime, Kenya loves playing with stuffed animals and eating any peanut butter treats she can get her paws on. She will also play fetch until her tongue touches the ground. She currently lives in Arlington, VA and looks forward to enjoying retirement with her cat brother and sister




To make a donation in support of the Veterinary Care Program thst supports Kenya’’s medical expenses click the link below. You can make a one-time donation, schedule a recurring gift and even direct your gift to a specific dog:








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