Paws Of Honor


“K9 Kiwi retired from the US Secret Service on September 28, 2019, after 7+ years of service as an Explosives Detection K9. Kiwi provided protection for the President, Vice President, many foreign dignitaries, The Pope, and more.
Kiwi is a Dutch Shepherd, born on March 20, 2011 in Germany. Kiwi began her explosives detection training in the summer of 2012, a wiry young puppy eager to please whoever it was that held her leash that day. She quickly caught on to what her job entailed, passed training, and realized how much fun detection would really be. Kiwi was always happy to go to work, and looked forward to all the love and attention she would receive throughout the workday.
Throughout her career Kiwi traveled all over the world. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Laos were some of here favorites of the 16 countries she visited. She also was able to see almost every state in the United States. Kiwi loved to travel, and she was always excited to take long walks in whatever new city she was visiting, taking in all the sights and smells!
Now that Kiwi has entered retirement, she enjoys playing with her favorite ball and chasing her sisters, Juliet (Australian Shepherd/Beagle) and Macy (Golden Retriever), and everyone once in a while she chases the cats around (they need their exercise, too). Luckily, she has been a fairly healthy K9 throughout her life, but just in case she needs some help we are blessed to have Paws of Honor on our side.” -Kiwi’s Dad & Former Handler

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