Paws Of Honor



LLanger was born on January 7, 2012 at Lackland Airforce Base.   He was part of Homeland Security’s National Explosive Detection Canine Team Program (NEDCTP), one of the last of the puppy program.

I first meet LLanger in 2013 during our 10 weeks of training at Lackland Airforce Base.  I was a green handler and LLanger was a young 1 ½ year old fast pace stud of a dog.  We bonded quickly and have been an amazing team ever since.  LLanger spent his entire career with me in Hawaii as a Deputy Sheriff.  We have gone through 8 evaluations/certifications with flying colors.  LLanger has searched for numerous VIP’s, NBA functions, PRO Bowl, concerts and marathons.  He’s primary job was to assist in keeping the Honolulu International Airport safe.  His day to day consisted of training, screening priority mail, screening outbound cargo, searching aircraft, luggage, rental car facilities, vehicles, boarding gates and different parts of the airport terminal.  LLanger had a very active and successful career.  LLanger was medically retired in 2019 due to his partial tear in his rear leg ligament, back issues and liver abnormalities.  If I had let him, he would have continued to work through all the pain.  I wanted him to enjoy retirement and not add to his injuries so with a heavy heart I decided it was time to retire him.  He sure doesn’t understand why he’s not working, and he still comes to work with me and his new brother K9 Jonny.  Now he can enjoy retirement in the sun and sand.

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