Paws Of Honor

Maggie S

Maggie is a female Labrador Retriever who protected our country by serving with the United States Transpiration Security Administration (TSA) as an explosives detection K9.

Born in South Carolina, Maggie became a working dog through Auburn University’s Canine Training Center in Anniston, AL. There she was partnered with handler Rene Smith to perform TSA’s passenger screening explosives detection mission. The two were named top dog of their class upon graduation, Go Maggie & Rene. They began their duties together at the San Diego International Airport and were transferred to Washington Dulles. Together they supported various events such as SuperBowl 50 in SFO, the 2016 presidential inauguration; and performed numerous demonstrations for schools and foreign delegations. Maggie is obsessed with her tennis ball and since retiring is overindulging in plenty of treats and snuggles from her handler who she will spend her golden years with.  She loves the water and swimming! Rene and Maggie are still inseparable and love to go on road trip adventures together!

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