Paws Of Honor


Pano is a 7-year-old Belgian Tervuren. His birthday is on July 26, 2012. Pano served in the United States Secret Service (USSS) from September 2013 until he was honorably retired on March 2019. Pano was trained for single purpose, explosive detection and served with his handler, Officer-Technician Grissay Munoz. Pano’s main duty was to protect and secure the White House, Vice President’s House and Foreign Embassies located in Washington D.C. Pano has also traveled the world with his handler, both domestically and internationally to provide a safe and secure environment for Individuals such as the President, Vice President and locations that the USSS protects. Pano has also protected Foreign Dignitaries during their visit to the United States.

Pano loved to work, he was a very dedicated dog and took his job serious. He was always ready to secure an area no matter the weather conditions or time of day. Pano has worked during Campaigns, Inaugurations, the Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee, and Asian-Pacific Economic Corporation Summits. He has been to many countries such as Estonia, Germany, Columbia, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, Israel, and Italy. Pano has travelled to many States domestically and has helped protect the details from the visit. Pano’s job entailed securing the areas that a Protectee would attend, check vehicles and equipment entering the area.

Once home, Pano knew that it was time to relax and put his working mindset to ease. Pano loves to play with his ball and play catch. Pano loves to exercise, run, go on walks and go hiking. Pano’s favorite thing to do is get belly rubs! Pano is a very loving, caring and affectionate boy. Pano’s handler was able to adopt him once he retired and he is now enjoying his retired life! Both Pano and his handler feel blessed to have been able to stay together. Pano’s life now consists of playing with all the balls and toys he could dream of, take plenty of naps, and getting love and attention by his family.

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