Rika is a German Shepherd who served as a Dual Purpose Patrol and Narcotics detection K9 in New Jersey. Her nose and tracking skills were well known in the communities she served.

Not long after retirement, Rika began experiencing unexplained weight loss losing a very worrisome 17 pounds. The veterinarians were stumped…Rika appeared healthy. That’s when Rika’s Dad reached out to us. The doctors wanted to perform additional diagnostics to help determine what was making Rika lose weight but these tests were expensive.

Paws of Honor was able to cover Rika’s testing and the test results are assisting her doctors in her diagnosis and treatment. As a member of our program we will cover all of Rika’s medical needs including her routine vaccinations and emergency care*

To make a donation in support of the Veterinary Care Program at supports Rika’s medical expenses click the link below. You can make a one-time donation, schedule a recurring gift, and even direct your gift to a specific dog:





*based on funding availability. Rika